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Nuclear Industry Solutions

Transform Remote Working 

Our VR human-robot interface technology will:
- Improve user safety 
- Reduce staff training time
- Increase the speed of operator task completion
- Reduce the cost of existing nuclear robotic systems

Intuitive Virtual Reality Enviroment

The first jobs that robots are doing and will continue to take over are operating in dangerous and difficult-to-access environments. Industries, such as Nuclear routinely involve workers placing themselves in hazardous settings. Current robotics systems deployed in the nuclear sector can be expensive and complicated to operate.

 Using Extend Robotics VR interface, workers in the nuclear industry can easily control robots from an intuitive virtual reality environment. Our VR interface not only improves the precision and safety of workers but also significantly reduces the time required to train operators and increases the speed at which they can carry out tasks.

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BT, Stuart Wyse, Head of Customer Centre & Future Zone

“We are delighted to launch our new Future Zone in London HQ. The VR robotics installation from Extend Robotics is a fantastic example of what can be achieved with BT’s services and infrastructure using the power of our 5G network. We are looking forward to wowing our customers with more awesome innovations like this.

Improve the precision and safety of your workers


What are the benefits to the Nuclear Industry?

Remote Error Recovery

Run production completely unattended 

and keep machines working by recovering from errors remotely. 

Remote Rapid Re-Programming 

Adjust workflow immediately from anywhere and quickly repurpose the robot to increase ROI .

Complementary to Automation 

Turn the mobile manipulator into a remote technician & handle complexity in mobile localisation & calibration. 

100x Less Training & Setup 

Before: days/weeks for training & setup 

After: staff are capable in just minutes 

3x Faster Manipulation 

Faster completion time, higher usability and less cognitive workload 

1000x Cheaper User Interface  

Before: £300k+ Custom Console: After: £300 Consumer VR headset.

Key Technologies

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