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RoboKit UR (Developer Kit, with 1 year license)

RoboKit UR (Developer Kit, with 1 year license)

RoboKit UR5e, works with Universal Robot UR5e and SenseKit to provide essential connectivity and control from AMAS app. This setup will transform/upgrade the standard collaborative robot arm into an intuitive teleoperated robot over a network (local or global internet) as you set. More details...


Average lead time: 2 weeks


Check out our distributor partner RARUK AMAS page.


This product was officially certified by UR+. click here to access the UR+ product page.

Note, Robot or SenseKit are not included in the package. For remote operations, you may want to purchase SenseKit to enable remote perception.


Renewal of software license is required to use this hardware, after 1 year of use. Please contact us for more information about longer duration of the software license.

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