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Robotic Teleoperation

Interactive digital twin and integrated automation
Low latency real-time control (50 ms) with a fully interactable digital twin robotic arm

Completing a task at a fast speed as you normally do in presence
A video example of a tele-operated robot interface
Intuitive user gesture input for each robot arm at 6 Degree of movement and while controlling the end effector

High precision teleoperation within millimeters. Your real arm is the limit!

Multi-robot & multi-operator collaborative control
Robotic arm remotely operated
High precision operation in unstructured environment


MQI: Media Quality Indicator
LQI: Latency Quality Indicator
PQI: Presentation Quality Indicator
SQI: Streaming Quality Indicator
TQI: Teleoperation Quality Indicator

Integrated Automation

  • Multi-session motion recording and replay
  • Non-expert operation
  • One click export motion record
  • TCP APIs for cleint app to trigger replay

Hardware Compatibility

Robotic Arm

ROS-based Robotic Arms

Easy and fast integration with any ROS-based robotic arm.
Support any new ROS arm in 2 months.
Robots supporting ROS can be easily integrated with customisation.

VR Equipment

Open VR supports any VR equipment.
Support PC VR & Oculus Quest Standalone.
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