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Scaling the World’s Labour Capacity

About Us

Our vision: Extend Human Capabilities Beyond Physical Presence. 


We have developed: Human-Robot Interface Software, using Extended Reality technology (MR/VR/AR), to enable non-robotic experts to operate robots from remote locations.

Extend Robotics was founded in 2019. The founding team marries brilliant PostDoc-level technical minds from Imperial College London with commercial expertise garnered in the telecoms and energy sectors.

Safer, faster & cheaper physical tasks working remotely

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Dr Chang Liu
CEO, Chief Designer

Research associate in Imperial College London and University of Southampton

Why does Extend Robotics exist?

Robots are revolutionising many industries, but there are some problems:
There is a global skill mismatch caused by automation:

- The low-skilled workforce are at risk of being substituted
- There is an expected shortage of staff in automation
- Robotic arm programming is hard to use by non-robotic experts
Software intelligence still limits the adoption of automation to simple or repetitive tasks such as:

- Repetitive: assembly line, manufacturing
- Data collection: surveillance, inspection
- Navigation: logistics, transportation, cleaning
We have built AMAS Solution to break the geographical limitation, and to save labour and travel costs. At Extend Robotics, we create an environment where people can work safely and away from hazard. Request a demo and get a deeper understanding of the benefits of AMAS Solution.

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