VR Goggles

Remote Working

Remote Working

​The ideal teleoperation use case that ensures:

1. Safety and Comfort

2. Reduced Travel and Downtime

3. Access to Global Job/expertise


Some examples where AMAS can be used:

1. Nuclear decommissioning workers have to spend hours dealing with PPE, they are left with only 2 hours per day for the actual job, and still risking their lives.

2. The average UK workers spends a month travelling to and from work.

Image by Hugo  Barbosa

Rapid Automation

Rapid Automation

​Integrated within the same intuitive VR interface. User is able teach robot new automation skills remotely by recording and replaying their past operations.

The ideal automation use case that will:

1. Boost productivity

2. Accelerate automation with data and AI

3. Keeping accountability (re/up-skill)

Find out how our clients and partners have used AMAS Pro Solution to make remote work and rapid automation easier by extending human capability beyond physical presence.


Farmers can use our system to perform pruning, harvesting, weeding and even fully automating indoor farming operations within greenhouses.



Extend Robotics have demonstrated our ability to improve operations in Space, such as robotic-assisted docking.


More to come

Space maintenance, dangerous experiment, horticulture etc.

If you would like to see the next generation human-robot interface software in action, book a demonstration of the AMAS Pro Solution with Extend Robotics