AMAS Pro Solution

Advanced Mechanics Assistance System
We develop Intuitive Human Robot Interface Software to remotely work and rapidly automate many tasks by legacy workforce

How It Works

In this video example you will see a tele-operated robot stacking goods on a shelf. If you are interested in how AMAS Pro Solution can help your business, get in contact to arrange a demonstration from Extend Robotics.

Image by NASA

AMAS Components

AMAS Use Cases


Dexterity Teleoperation


Rapid Automation

Find out how are clients and partners have used AMAS Pro Solution to make remote work and rapid automation easier by extending human capability beyond physical presence.

Human-Robot Interface Software for ultimate immersion and intuitiveness

Key Technologies

User Benefits


Accurate depth perception​

VR Goggles

6 Degree of Freedom (DoF) viewing angle


No motion sickness

Digital Twin Gesture

Digital twin gesture control


Integrated rapid automation

Faster completion times

Lower cognitive workload

Higher usability and user satisfaction

Hardware Compatibility

Robotic Arm

ROS-based Robotic Arms

Easy and fast integration with any ROS-based robotic arm.
Support any new ROS arm in 2 months.
Robots supporting ROS can be easily integrated with customisation.

VR Equipment

Open VR supports any VR equipment.
Support PC VR & Oculus Quest Standalone.
VR Goggles Oculus
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Extend Robotics

Who We Are

Our vision is to extend human capabilities beyond physical presence. We are a UK startup founded in 2019. Learn more about Extend Robotics on our About Us page.