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Extend Robotics featured on Virtual Reality Oasis

Extend Robotics has recently been featured on Virtual Reality Oasis, with a video review of our teleoperated robotic arm.

Virtual Reality Oasis is a hugely popular YouTube channel, currently boasting in excess of 560,000 subscribers.

In the video ‘I Remotely Control A $14,000 Robot Using VR (Quest 2)’ posted on 17 February, the presenter, Mike trials our robot arm using the Oculus Quest 2 from the comfort of his home over 80 miles away.

Over the course of the video, Mike tests the technology with a series of three increasingly difficult tasks: stacking blocks, pouring a beer into a cup and finally playing a children’s puzzle game.

Impressively, on the first task Mike was able to not only stand a block upright, but then to balance another standing on top of it – much to the surprise of our CEO Change Liu, who was monitoring on site. Mike was keen to stress how this was due to the volumetric capture of the environment, something his previous experience teleoperating a robot with VR lacked entirely.

In the second task, despite his slight concern over wrecking one of our £10,000 robots, Mike successfully poured a beer into a paper cup – without spilling a drop. As Mike commented: “This tech works impressively well.”

Finally, the children’s game demonstrated some of the tech’s potential for precision, with Mike able to navigate a simple maze without too many faults (caused by allowing the arm to touch the sides of the track.

Reflecting on his experience, Mike was clearly impressed and could immediately see the benefits of our technology which he felt “could do a lot of good in the world.”

“If you think about how robots are controlled now with joy sticks and buttons, using VR with natural arm movements and gripping gestures is much more intuitive.

“It blows my mind to think what this technology might lead to in, say, 10 to 20 years’ time.”

We’d like to thank Mike and Virtual Reality Oasis for their time and for sharing our technology with his audience.



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