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Shaping the Future of Space Missions

Extend Robotics' AMAS VR Teleoperation System Empowers Satellite Applications Catapult

Extend Robotics has achieved a major breakthrough with the successful development and installation of their cutting-edge AMAS VR teleoperation system to the Satellite Applications Catapult. Space is the next frontier and possesses enormous potential in new applications currently being developed.

amas vr teleoperation system

This key milestone establishes the system's seamless capability of remote operation for the UR10e Universal robot at the company's In-Orbit Servicing and Manufacturing facility testbed , igniting the next stage for a new era in space exploration.

The upgraded facility testbed at Satellite Applications Catapult serves a vital purpose which focuses on verifying, validating, and demonstrating future in-orbit operations, encompassing manufacturing, servicing, inspection, repair, and assembly. The integration of the AMAS system will allow these critical operations to be thoroughly tested and refined, whilst ensuring their efficiency and reliability in real space environments.

A standout feature of this unique facility is the inclusion of in-orbit simulation robots equipped with digital twin capabilities. These advanced technologies can create virtual replicas of physical assets, facilitating detailed analysis, monitoring, and optimisation of in-orbit operations. Such capabilities bring unprecedented precision and control to space missions, enhancing safety and efficiency. Through verification, validation, and demonstration of critical in-orbit operations, this facility brings us closer to a future where manufacturing, servicing, inspection, repair, and assembly are seamlessly conducted in space.

Jeremy Hadall, Robotics Development Lead at Satellite Applications Catapult, had the opportunity to experience the AMAS system firsthand. Praising its performance, he commented,

"[Overall, the product, packaging and training were great and we’re really looking forward to extending its use within our facility.]"

This endorsement from an expert in the field emphasises the system's effectiveness and underscores its potential to redefine the way we approach space operations.

The AMAS software from Extend provides the possibility of seamless space operations where operators will be able to manage single or fleets of space robots, supervise and intervene when needed. The system’s fully immersive volumetric telepresence, low latency, scalability and high level of accuracy and intuitiveness are key factors which makes it perfect for adoption in space operations.

The integration of Extend Robotics' AMAS VR teleoperation system at the Satellite Applications Catapult's In-Orbit Servicing and Manufacturing facility represents a pivotal milestone in space exploration. It ensures safer and more efficient future space missions with increased reliability as we venture further into the cosmos.

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