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Virtual reality robotics startup secures £150,000 investment offer to drive growth

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Tech startup Extend Robotics has secured an offer of £150,000 investment from British entrepreneur Peter Jones after a successful pitch on this season of Dragons’ Den on the BBC.

Extend Robotics uses consumer Virtual Reality (VR) technology to make it easier for individuals to control robotics hardware remotely. Founded in 2019 by Dr Chang Liu, the tech startup aims to enable humans and machines to work together in perfect harmony, to ensure no one is left behind in the shift to automation happening across the working world today.

Dr Liu and his team developed a cloud-based SaaS solution – Advanced Mechanical Assistance System, or AMAS – which enables users to control robotic arms remotely from anywhere in the world. Thanks to user-friendly VR tech like Oculus and SteamVR, users are able to benefit from full depth perception of 3D environments and intuitive, precise controls in an immersive, real-time experience.

To help drive the company’s upward trajectory, the startup has recently secured and offer of £150,000 after Liu made a successful pitch in Dragons’ Den. The offer was made by the show’s longest-standing Dragon, Peter Jones.

While Dr Liu identified three immediate uses for Extend Robotics’ technology (healthcare, industrial work such as handling hazardous materials and hospitality), with adaptation the applications are seemingly endless – something Peter Jones was quick to realise.

Mr Jones likened the technology to "Iron Man without the travel. He said: "You can see a time where you could say, tonight, we've got Gordon Ramsay coming to our restaurant, or you could end up with a Deborah Meaden robot giving you business advice."

Speaking about Extend Robotics’ latest news, Liu said:

“We are thrilled to have received the backing from such a successful entrepreneur. Our technology has an incredibly wide range of applications, from industrial work, to healthcare and retail. With his investment and guidance, we can really begin to make our vision a reality and ensure no one gets left behind in the automation revolution.”

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