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Extend Robotics' Innovative Interface Enables Jenga-Playing Robot

Extend Robotics has been making waves in the robotics industry with their innovative remote operation interface, which enables even non-experts to control robots with ease. The company has recently demonstrated the impressive dexterity and intuitiveness of their technology by using a robot to play Jenga blocks using two different methods - their volumetric telepresence tech and the Quest Pro passthrough feature.

Tele Robot Jenga Challenge with AMAS volumetric telepresence:

In the first demonstration, the company used their volumetric telepresence tech to allow a human operator to control a robotic arm from a remote location. The operator could see a three-dimensional representation of the robot in real-time, allowing them to control the arm's movements with a high degree of precision. The robot was able to remove Jenga blocks one by one without knocking over the tower, showcasing the impressive accuracy of Extend Robotics' technology.

Tele Robot Jenga Challenge with AMAS MR color passthrough:

The second demonstration utilized the Quest Pro passthrough feature, which allows the operator to see the robot's environment through the headset's cameras. The operator could see the Jenga tower in front of them when he was in the same physical space as the robot and could control the robot arm's movements with the same ease as in the first demonstration. Once again, the robot was able to remove Jenga blocks without causing the tower to collapse, demonstrating the precision and dexterity of Extend Robotics' technology.

These demonstrations are a testament to the potential of Extend Robotics' remote operation interface, which could revolutionize a wide range of industries. By enabling robots to be controlled remotely by human operators, it opens up new possibilities for automation and efficiency, while also reducing the risk of injury or accidents.

Moreover, the use of the volumetric telepresence tech and the Quest Pro passthrough feature shows the versatility and adaptability of the company's technology. The ability to control robots from a remote location using either method means that Extend Robotics' technology can be used in a wide range of applications, from manufacturing and logistics to healthcare and emergency response.

Overall, Extend Robotics' Jenga-playing robot demonstrations using their volumetric telepresence tech and the Quest Pro passthrough feature are impressive showcases of the company's innovative technology. They demonstrate the potential of remote operation interfaces to revolutionize the robotics industry and pave the way for new possibilities. It's an exciting time for the industry, and we can't wait to see what new.


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