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Quest stand-alone app is released in Oculus AppLab

Imagine if you could use your own hands to control a robotic arm on the other side of the world. Imagine with the right robotic arm if you could lift up an object larger than a car, or smaller than the tiniest grain of sand, without being physically present.

Extend Robotics has now released the Quest stand-alone App to the Oculus AppLab. Welcome to AMAS, the Advanced Mechanics Assistance System. AMAS lets you physically control robotics arms remotely over the internet, using intuitive gestures in an immersive 3D environment.

The application begins with a tutorial where you learn to control a simulated robotic arm; and record and replay your movements of the robot. When you’ve mastered the simulation, you can then graduate to controlling real robots anywhere in the world.

If you have a robotic arm that you’d like to connect with, please get in touch with Extend Robotics at ( (please note that you will need to buy some extra hardware and software to enable tele-control).

Extend Robotics are always on hand to offer expert advice.



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