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Remote working in dangerous and difficult to access environments

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Using a remotely operated robot to carry out tasks in dirty, dangerous, and difficult to access environments is made significantly easier using Extend Robotics intuitive VR robotic control system

The first jobs that robots are doing and will continue to take over are dirty, dangerous, and in difficult-to-access environments. Industries such as Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Construction and Space routinely involve workers placing themselves in hazardous settings.

The initial generation of robotic and automated systems deployed in these industries are usually expensive, difficult to operate and require significant training before workers can become efficient in carrying out tasks. Extend robotics has developed technology that can solve these issues by replacing traditional complex robotics interfaces with a user-friendly Virtual Reality human-robot interface.

By controlling a robot in VR, workers can perform complex, precise manipulation tasks using our gesture control system. This significantly reduces the time required to train operators and increases the speed at which they can carry out tasks. By controlling robots through a VR headset, we also enable robots to be controlled through a user-friendly off-the-shelf interface system and reduce the need for custom consoles and control setups. This can reduce the cost of the user interface by a factor of 1000.

Use Case Example: Remote operation of robots in space

Use Case Example: Nuclear Remote handling

System Features

  • Accurate 3D Geometry Perception

  • Directly visualise the distance and shapes of the objects in 3D

  • HD texture on smooth mesh, providing the same quality as colour video

  • Flexible Viewing Angle

  • Users can view the 3D rendering from any angle, with no constraint to the camera view

  • Allow 6DoF re-projected stabilisation when the camera was moving

  • Natural Gesture dexterous control

  • Provide 6+ degrees of freedom control by “grab & pull” the end effector

  • Simultaneously control end effector with the trigger button

  • Orientation Awareness & Locomotion

  • Accurate hand-eye calibration correctly overlaps 3D workspace with the interactive digital twin

  • User “grab & pull” gesture to adjust user locomotion and scale of the perception and control input

Ready to get Started?

Collaborative robots are cost-effective, safe, and flexible to deploy. Our VR interface technology makes controlling robots easier than ever, even for small and mid-sized companies.

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