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Revolutionizing Remote Handling: SenseKit and AMAS VR for Radioactive Material Management

Updated: Mar 15

Extend Robotics has recently achieved a major milestone by installing their state-of-the-art SenseKit and AMAS VR product into TKE and Atkins' robotic glovebox system, ARGO.

Designed specifically for tasks carried out in nuclear gloveboxes , the SenseKit is built upon the ZED-X stereo camera from Stereolab, powered by Nvidia Jetson. With its neural depth engine and polarized filter, the SenseKit excels at capturing stunning details of the 3D environment while remaining resilient against material color variations and challenging lighting conditions. It also reduces glass reflections from the glovebox window, enhancing operator visibility and safety.

This integration introduces a significant improvement in 3D perception for remote handling tasks, elevating precision and operational speed. The setup includes two ZED-X cameras, combining volumetric data from different perspectives to achieve real-time, comprehensive 3D rendering and significantly reduce shadowing.

Elevating Remote Handling Capabilities: The integration of Extend Robotics' SenseKit and AMAS VR into ARGO signifies a transformative leap in remote handling capabilities, particularly in the context of radioactive material management.

  • SenseKit's Advanced Features: At the heart of the SenseKit lies the ZED-X stereo camera and Nvidia Jetson's computational power. With the neural depth engine and polarized filter, it captures intricate details of the 3D environment while remaining robust against material color and lighting challenges. The reduction in glass reflections enhances operator visibility, ensuring a clear view of the workspace.

  • AMAS VR: Precision and Speed Reinvented: Complementing the SenseKit, the AMAS VR system offers an immersive virtual reality experience for remote handling tasks. Accurate tracking and realistic simulation enable operators to manipulate objects with exceptional precision, streamlining operations and improving efficiency.

Revolutionizing Remote Handling: The integration of Extend Robotics' SenseKit and AMAS VR delivers numerous transformative benefits for remote handling tasks involving radioactive materials.

  • Enhanced 3D Perception and Precision: The SenseKit's advanced features provide unparalleled 3D perception, enabling operators to have superior spatial awareness. The recovery of stunning environmental details enhances precision in object manipulation, ensuring safer and more accurate operations.

  • Real-time 3D Rendering and Reduced Shadowing: With the integration of two ZED-X cameras, the setup combines volumetric data from different perspectives, resulting in real-time, comprehensive 3D rendering. This breakthrough eliminates blind spots, significantly reduces shadowing, and provides operators with a holistic understanding of the workspace. The outcome is improved precision and a safer working environment.

Collaborative Success: The collaboration between Extend Robotics, TKE, and Atkins showcases a collective commitment to excellence, leveraging expertise and innovative technologies.

  • Extend Robotics' Cutting-edge Solutions: Extend Robotics continues to push the boundaries of remote handling technology, offering innovative solutions that enhance operational capabilities and safety standards.

  • TKE's Precision Manufacturing Expertise: Leveraging their extensive experience in precision manufacturing, TKE ensures seamless integration of Extend Robotics' solutions into robotized gloveboxes, optimizing workflow efficiency and unlocking the full potential of advanced technologies.

  • Atkins' Visionary Approach to Infrastructure Transformation: As a leading design, engineering, and project management consultancy, Atkins brings visionary insights to infrastructure transformation. Their expertise in integrating groundbreaking technologies reshapes remote handling practices, fostering efficiency and ensuring successful project outcomes.

The recent installation of Extend Robotics' SenseKit and AMAS VR into TKE and Atkins' ARGO system signifies a significant advancement in remote handling capabilities for radioactive materials. By combining advanced features, enhanced 3D perception, and real-time rendering, this integration revolutionizes precision, speed, and safety in remote handling tasks.


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