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Robot Toolkit

Affordable modular add-on robotic arms able to mimic human-like dexterity and compatible with 3rd party mobility platforms and end effectors ​

Advanced Mechanics Assistance System (AMAS)

VR based user interface for immersive 3D perception and intuitive control​

Imitation Engine

Cloud enabled anywhere-access with 5G​. Scalable data-driven AI for future autonomy​

  • Healthcare

    Remote working for healthcare using robot reduces the infection risk of medical workers from close contact with patients, particularly in the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Industry

    Tele-operated robots replace human to work in extreme environment, such as nuclear, power, oil&gas etc., making the traditional hard jobs safer, faster and cheaper. 

  • Service

    Uncompromised serivce with remote service robots, enables access to global job opportunities at finger tips, and enpowers disables to regain ability.

  • Agriculture

    Enhanced teleoperation on autonomous robots can conduct more dexterous and complex jobs, like harvesting, pruning in horticulture, to handle the labour shortage.


Our vision is to extend human capability beyond physical presence​.

We build affordable robotic arms capable of remote operation from anywhere in the world, using cloud-based teleoperation software​.


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