Robot Toolkit

  • Incredible payload at 7 kg nominal takeoff mass.

  • Small form factor to allow confined space entry 38 cm x 60 cm size.

  • Designed for robust physical interaction.

Advanced Mechanics Assistance System (AMAS)

  • Bidirectional real-time data streaming between intelligent robots and VR app.

  • Bridging the robot operating system (ROS) and Unity for VR/AR.

  • Robust to communication delay and no motion sickness.


We create industrial robotic tools to perform complex tasks at human level dexterity, in hard to climb, confined high space, so that the operator is in zero risk.
Extend Robotics is a robotic SaaS company taken on a special mission to extend human capabilities beyond physical existence. We augment human with machine to develop superhuman robots with data-driven AI, and form a scalable ecosystem to rapidly advance the robot autonomy under human control.

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