Volumetric Telepresence

Creating a 3D holographic mesh from HD Point Cloud streaming
Volumetric Telepresence
Low latency real-time (150 ms) with accurate sense of depth
A video example of a 3D mesh rendering
Flexible view-points with 0 motion sickness and high network tolerance (from 4 mbps)
Volumetric Telepresence
Volumetric telepresence video demonstration


2016 Tour Dates
Fri., June 20
The Academy, L.A
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Thu., June 19
Bamboo, Santa Barbara
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Sat., June 28
Cheers, Santa Cruz
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Wed., July 6
The Roxy, San Francisco
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Hardware Compatibility

VR Equipment

Open VR supports any VR equipment.
Support PC VR & Oculus Quest Standalone.
VR Oculus Kit